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Here you can find information about me in terms of my CV, my scientific publications (most of which can be downloaded in pdf, see publications), and some of my research.

Old headlines (new posted through twitter) (last update: 2012-09-26):

  1. BulletBoard member of newly created SARE (Swedish Association for Requirement Engineers) - http://www.sare.se/sare-syd/.

  2. Bulletthe uniREPM project is released as publications of the unified Requirements Engineering Process Model are in the pipe! See here.

  3. BulletSoftware Engineer is the No. 1 job in the world! See: http://www.careercast.com/jobs-rated/2012-ranking-200-jobs-best-worst

  4. BulletHalf-way seminar of my PhD student Michael Unterkalmsteiner, thesis titled “Assessment and Alignment in Software Development”. Presented on 4th of April, BTH.

  5. BulletNominated to The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences "Tage Erlanders" prize for research accomplishments. See http://kva.se/sv/Priser/

  6. BulletWord premiere, ISPMA Professional SPM training at TOLPAGORNI Stockholm!

  7. BulletAwarded Prize for “Researcher of the Year” 2011 (BTH)

  8. BulletGoogle Scholar public profile, now available --> HERE (tnx Robert)

  9. BulletValue and Innovation: BESQ+ Project information --> HERE

  10. BulletSee summary of current research projects --> HERE

  11. BulletAttend the PhD defense of Mahvish Khurum, BTH, Oct 27, 13.00 (Update: Defended the thesis very successfully! Congrats Dr. Khurum).

  12. BulletToday, Oct 10, I was promoted to Full Professor from the 1st of July!

  13. BulletReward systems - ideas and thoughts (borrowed and my own - non peer reviewed) -DOWNLOAD PDF

  14. BulletIDG article on our survey, see “Bristande kravhantering kan hota lönsamheten”  -- http://www.idg.se/

  15. BulletKeynote at Qtema Club VIP, Stockholm (Requirements, Tests and Agile Survey).

  16. BulletThe REPM model is released in a new version supporting both market driven and bespoke product development, see uniREPM

  17. BulletThis years SIREN event - “Signalen 11” promises to be a great event! Welcome to all participants from industry and research

  18. BulletKeynote at “Produktledardagen” 2011, Stockholm, http://produktledardagen.se/

  19. BulletKeynote at the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ), Zurich, 2010-11-11. http://www.saq.ch/

  20. BulletBTH ranked TOP FIVE(!) research institution in the world in Systems- and Software Engineering (see doi:10.1016/j.jss.2010.09.036). Click [here] and [here] for more info

  21. BulletMartin Ivarsson, Chalmers Institute of Technology defended his PhD thesis successfully on the 1st of June. He is my first PhD student to finish, congrats to a job well done Martin! [ThesisMartinIvarsson.pdf]

  22. BulletMember of the board - Qtema (consultancy and training in Requirements Engineering and Verification & Validation). http://www.qtema.se

  23. BulletMy first PhD student, Martin Ivarsson is defending his PhD thesis, June 1 2010 at Chalmers

  24. BulletAppointed head of ProVision Research School (40 PhD students over 10 years, KKS       funded). http://bth.se/provision

  25. BulletAppointed Examiner and Responsible for Master Thesis in Software Engineering at BTH

  26. BulletMember of VBMA (Excellence in Masters in Software Engineering, BTH)

  27. BulletReceived funding for SVA (Software Value Analysis) research project in collaboration with Ericsson spanning 3 years

  28. BulletSupervisor of Stefan Schneider, Daimler AG Germany

  29. BulletMain Supervisor of Joakim Pernståhl, Chalmers and Volvo PV

  30. BulletVice team leader EASE: The Industrial Excellence Centre for Embedded Applications Software Engineering. http://ease.cs.lth.se/

  31. BulletChairman for Swedish Requirements Engineering Research Network (SIREN). http://www.siren.lth.se/

  32. BulletMember of the International Software Product Management Board (ISPMB). http://certified-spm.org/

  33. BulletComputer Sweden article on RE and V&V. http://computersweden.idg.se/2.2683/1.284229/ny-syn-pa-krav-och-test

  34. BulletChief Technical Officer for Qjuube.



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