the Market Driven Requirements Engineering Process Maturity Model project

UniREPM Model

Many software companies still struggle in establishing processes that lead to proper requirements handling. When these companies perform in a market-driven fashion, the situation aggravates, since concerns like strong market and strategic orientation must be taken into consideration along with the traditional technical concerns of development and verification.

It has been shown in many case studies that companies are aware of the need to improve their requirements handling processes. However, most of them have difficulties to get started given the broad scope that this task entails. For these companies, we have developed the Market-Driven Requirements Engineering Process Model (MDREPM). The MDREPM is both a collection of good practices in market driven requirements engineering (MDRE), and an assessment tool for companies to get a snapshot of the current state of their MDRE practices. The assessment intends to reveal problem areas of organization's requirements process in a cost-effective manner. The results can then be analyzed, and improvement efforts started by introducing good practices described in the model.

The MDREPM acknowledges the inter-disciplinary nature of software product development, thereby offering practices useful for strategic planning, marketing, product management, release planning, development and verification.

The model has been validated in industry, in a series of 3 cases studies performed in big telecommunication companies in Sweden. In the case studies, the model was found to be useful given the good coverage it provides of issues related to MDRE, as well as for driving software process improvement in that area.

Model download. Here you can download the entire model. Observe the different versions.

--> uniREPM, version 0.9CR (candidate release), 20110115

Older versions:

--> MDREPM, version 1.0, 20091212

-->REPM, version 1.0, 20070913


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